4SEASONS bird hotel

YEAR: 2021
Mount Beigua   
TYPE: Competition

4 Seasons Bird Cabin Hotel is inspired by the concept of cabin hotel, which is growing lately around the globe with the intent of re-connecting people with nature and its ethic, therefore each bird house is designed to stay indipendently, in clusters or in proximity, depending by the type of birds hosted, the landscape, and the available space. The cabins can be easily produced also in different sizes to accomodate a wide variety of species.
The Bird Cabin Hotel is completely eco friendly and embraces the concept of circular economy. An Upcycling and Recyclable material is what we have proposed to use. It is a wood-like material made out of rice hulk (a food industry waste product) mixed with salt and mineral oil. This product feels like wood but no trees have been cut to produce it, supporting the reduction of forest damage and preservation of natural life, weather and water resistant, it has a very long life span and at the end of the cycle it can be shredded and recomposed into a new piece of material. With this small scale architecture we also want to raise awareness towards the possibility of new building materials and methods which are paying attention to the delicate environmets and ecosystems we are living in but also taking into account the necessity to minimize the global warming issue.

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