D.R.O.P. Alps Wellness Retreat

YEAR: 2021
Sankt Moritz   
TYPE: Hospitality
Open competition

The Retreat Center sits on a gentle slope, surrounded by mountain trees and lushes nature, the peaceful location, steps away from Saint Moritz Lake, a jewel in the heart of the Alps.

East-West oriented and perfect for a Wellnes s retreat complex, the D.R.O.P. envisions a unique environment in which users are detaching from the frenetic rhythm given by today's society while reconnecting with nature. A reconnection given by the holistic approach in which the retreat is designed.

The wellness retreatis decidedly minimalist and essential, mainly composed of two elements: stones and water. Despite the essentiality of shapes and elements, this creates an architectural  landscape, where each element is the expression of a concept. The retreat center is in fact a place that symbolizes the natural elements and facilitates meditationcommunicating calm and serenity, through spaces, materials and light, both natural and artificial

The Center is envisioned to take visitors into a relaxed stage in a very short time. Immerse themselves in a charming and relaxing environment whilst stay connected with nature. 

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