YEAR: 2018
Los Angeles 
TYPE: Thesis Project

The city of Los Angeles has been targeted as ‘Creative Capital’ worldwide with a ratio of one to six of its residents working in a creative industry. Here there are more artists, film makers, actors, writers and musician than any other city in the world and at any time in history. What powers the L[A]rt_Demic Project lays in the necessity to represent the society and its cultural aspect, in this particular case, oriented towards the branching of the art disciplines. Once one of the major Industrial areas of Los Angeles, the Arts District has been subject to a shift which took place from 1970’s with the entry of the Artists in the District, due to the abundance of empty industrial buildings.

The form of a project, invents a new social structure that evolves out of it and not the reverse’. Hence architecture should not be a consequence of the social structure because it does not have any regards in the possible changes of what the future could be’.

An architecture which stands for identity, a sense of power will be exercised to re-establish the cultural and social recognition

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