OIKOS sim(biotopic) vertical ark

YEAR: 2021
Planet Earth   
TYPE: Research
Open competition

Oikos is a manifesto aiming for a new way of perceiving and inhabiting buildings and to re-think the future of urban possibilities. Considering the increasingly precarious life conditions on earth due to pollution, climate catastrophies, resources scarcity, and pandemics, resilience has become a parameter which can no longer be avoided when thinking about Architecture.

Oikos embraces the co-existence of multiple systems at once. Here, together with nature and animals, humans are sharing the same infrastructure interdepending one with another.Higlhy flexible in itsform and organization, resilient to any climate and Energy efficient in a way that traditional skyscrapers are not yet. This will give birth to a new circular model of housing created with reusable materials, sourced from local soil, carbon-neutral and adaptable to anyclimate and context. 


Architecture might not be an answer but surely a way of thinking and reconsidering a more simbiotic living between man and everything else. The balance of the ecosystem.

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