YEAR: 2021
Corinaldo, Italy   
Art Installation

The Haystack is intended as an expression of sustainable Ruaral Architecture, typical of the italian peninsula and diffused in the majority of the european continent too. It is realized with poor materials, available in nature and as a consequence of rural activities on particolar culture’s fields and realized manually through craftmanship. Originally it allowed to accumulate, easy storage and access to straw or hay, used as fodder or bedding for the livestock present in rural houses.

The installation, being made up of straw, can be considered as part of a circular economy system, in which each element contributes to the functioning of a sustainable production cycle, canceling the production of scraps and / or waste.

For BLU Attitude looking for the needle does not mean just looking for something apparently unobtainable, but symbolically represents the concept of serendipity, a term coined by Horace Walpole, to express the importance of research and what is found during this exploratory path, regardless from the final achievement of the initial purpose prefixed, or the needle.Furthermore, the needle refers not only to the proverb in its literal meaning, but it also becomes a metaphor for the act of sewing a solid link between past and future, between tradition and innovation, to safeguard cultural and cognitive identity. Historically, man has always been in contact with nature, studying it, imitating it and respecting it, establishing an almost symbiotic relationship, handed down and refined by generation after generation. Life began at sunrise followed the slow pace of the seasons, the work was accompanied by practice consolidated to the point of becoming gestures rituals. Then all this started to fall apart day after day, the traditions have been dismantled by new tools and knowledge, homologating those characters and those qualities that created the diversity.


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