SONGDO Library_
between hills and clouds

YEAR: 2020

LOCATION: Songdo-Dong, South korea   
Public / Cultural
CLIENT: Open Competition

TEAM: BLUAttitude with Luca Beltrame, Paul Van Herk, Andrius Ribikauskas

The Songdo International Library is a great opportunity to make a meaningful civic anchor for the new city of Songdo, an ambitious extension of Seoul, already one of the largest, most productive and creative cities in the world. The newness of a place must be an asset, and the fact that is unfinished is to be embraced. It must invite a multitude of users directly rather than assuming commercial patronage.

This proposal aims to provide a counterpoint to the block and stack model of typical developments in such zones by proposing an intimate catchment of iconic forms and interweaving spaces, led by an exciting architectural extension of the ground plane that draw users up from the street and into the heart of the building and its grounds. It will call them in from afar and invite them to stay, learn, share and play.

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