Villa  M    

YEAR: 2021
Frascati, Italy   
Private Commission

The project of Villa Masseto is part of a residential project of new construction called "Le Vigne di Perazzeta", not far from the historic center of the town of Frascati. The aim of this proposal is to give greater cohesion and identity to the external pertinent spaces of the villa, currently resulting in fragmentation and unevenness due to differences in levels and access, which tend to create gaps between the different areas of the garden. In fact, the differences in level are resolved through the steps parallel to the main façade of the house, through a very compound organic language. On one of these terraces it is proposed the insertion of a swimming pool with clean and regular geometries, covered in travertine, at the end of which are positioned sculptural volumes, also in travertine, in which are inserted a veil of water with waterfall effect and a small whirlpool. The terraces will be almost entirely green, unlike the one containing the pool, covered with travertine slabs.

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